Pure in Heart Outreach Ministries

We are partnering with this local Houston ministry to help them build their

1st Women's Transitional Home! 

20% of any order placed between Aug.1st -October 23rd will go to this project!

This home will help develop and heal women dealing with social/domestic and substance abuse, providing them room & board , crisis counseling and career guidance.

Please help us as we come along side this organization to bring this vision to pass!

You may also attend a black tie affair by purchasing an admission ticket which includes dinner and music entertainment. Meet the founder Rosalind White and

the Pure in Heart Ministry Volunteers and Partners.

Admission to this event is $100 per person.

Please email directly to purchase a ticket @allthingzprettyboutique@yahoo.com or visit their site: pureinheartoutreach.org


Pure in Heart Outreach is about reaching women from all walks of life and cultures to assist with their emotional, spiritual & physical well being. Showing the love of God & Jesus to any and everyone who needs it. No one is so low they can't be made whole again. 

Please help us bring into existence a home for women to be nurtured, loved and introduced back into society with the skills and support they need to be successful!