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Turn your summer wardrobe into Fall outfits- modestly!

Hey yall! Hope you are doing well this week. Making goals, knocking them down and what not!

For many of us we feel the light breeze of the fall weather coming in , giving us a needed break from high temps.

And if you're like me you are getting ready to pack away most of your summer duds. Before you put away those summer dresses or tops, lets talk about some ways you can transition some of those items into your fall wardrobe. There are ways you can still look modest and fashionable with those lighter summer items.

  1. Summer maxi dresses or above knee dresses.- pair a fitted white tee or turtle neck with your spaghetti strap or strapless dresses. Fall is all about layers. This is a way to bring a new look to the way you wear dresses. Add some booties and go.

  2. Pair your dress over slacks, tights or jeans. This a chic look that I love. You can even tie a cute little knot with your longer dress to show more of the tights or jeans. Pair it with ripped boyfriend jeans for a edgy modest look.

  3. Add a blazer. Blazers are perfect for fall because most are lightweight. So if your mornings start off cool but the temp rises by the afternoon you can easily just remove the blazer.

  4. Shorts- I love to wear my shorts over black thick tights with combat boots. If the tights are short or fitted, add a baggy longer sweater to cover that bum for a more relaxed and modest look. Add a fedora hat and you're set!

  5. Cardigans- Cardigans also look good worn oversize with skirts , shorts or dresses.

  6. High boots- If you've got a dress that shows more leg or too high above the knee, add some high knee boots and stockings or tights. This way you can still wear that fav dress but make it more modest and still look fashionable with a pair of killer boots. Choose from suede or leather, colorful or black .... or for a more daring look-animal print! Snakeskin or leopard print boots are a great staple to have this fall.

So as you're getting ready to transition your wardrobe or if you feel

like you need to go shopping, access what your already have. Shop your closet. See what items you can take with you into fall.

Save some bucks!

Hope this helps you!

Stay pretty!


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