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So what now?..

Hey pretty people! Ladies yall alright? Fellas- how yall doing?

That's a question I'm asking friends and family even more these days..are you alright? How are you doing? I think it's because of the climate we are living in. The news, media, health crisis, presidential election and on and on it goes.

But I saw a quote that caught my eye and made me more appreciative. It read " We diminish the present as we worry about the future". That's really true. First off, time and time again, the bible tells us not to worry, and so did Jesus. Tomorrow will take care of itself, and you loose time today worrying about it.

You only have the present time which is now. LIVE in the now! I know that can be easier said than done, so you know what I did?! I wrote a few tips below to help you do just that. Read on!

  1. Dress up everyday, or at least more often. I know this can be trivial but hear me out... Stop saving those killer heels or dress you look gorgeous in , for some big event or special place to wear it. Who knows when that will be, or if you will be in good health or alive to see it. Pull it out and wear it today! I've made a promise to myself that at least 1 day a week I'm gonna go all out with my makeup and outfit. This is easier to do for me since I'm back working in the office. If you're still working remote, dress up and go out for a quick brunch this weekend, or heck dress up when you go to the grocery store. Doesn't matter really, just do it. You'll thank me later!

  2. When's the last time you actually saw the sun set or rise? Make a plan that one day this week you either get up early to catch the sunrise, or go outside to watch the sunset. Seeing the different colors of the sky, the birds chirping and the stillness truly is an humbling experience. It will make you realize that the same God who put the sun to sleep at night and tells it to rise every morning, is the same God who knows and cares about you! If He can do that, He can certainly take care of all your worries of tomorrow.

  3. Make a list! On a sheet of paper make two columns. 1 side should have some worries of tomorrow or some things that may give you anxiety, the other side should list all the things you are grateful for NOW. I can guarantee you that when you get out of your own head, and see this list, you will realize you have more to be thankful for than to worry about. Writing things down make them more real, we get to see it there in black and white. And to go a step further, pray over those things that still give you worry. Place this list in your bible , maybe over your favorite Psalm or bible verse. Give those worries to God. Make a decision to live now, for today and to not let those worries drain your gratefulness.

Know that no matter who's in the whitehouse, how and when we'll get over covid --whatever ails you or gives you worry, I bet these 3 steps can help alleviate some of those thoughts and remind you to not rob yourself of the peace you CAN have today worrying about things you can't control that may or may not come with tomorrow.

Stay pretty!



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