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How to look expensive on a budget!

Hey pretty people! I know it has been quite some time since my last blog post. I've been busy expanding my brand, and I've now added a Youtube channel to the mix. So if you miss me here, just go over to my new Youtube channel - Pretty Modest, to stay updated on what I've been up to.

Any way, as the seasons are now changing, I wanted to share some fashion tips with you guys.

Let's talk about how to look expensive on a budget. Here are a few tips you can use in your everyday fashion outfits.

1. Pair inexpensive items with higher end pieces- This is a trick that always works. I love to pair my Old Navy, Ross & Target shirts and dresses with my higher end shoes or bags. I'm a lover of well made expensive shoes and purses so when I pair these pieces with cheaper items like a shift dress or flowy top, it instantly takes the outfit up a few notches. And to others , you will appear well put together and can trick the eye to make your whole outfit appear to be more expensive than it really is.

2.Don't be afraid to shop 2nd hand , consignment or thrift stores. Thrift stores- especially if located in the ritzy part of town, carry a lot of fashion gems. You can find top of the line and name brand items from various designers for more than 75% off the retail price. Some thrift stores even have special days where you can shop and get even more discounts. Plato's Closet and Buffalo Exchange will even pay you for your nice name brand gently used clothes, or give you credit toward items you want to purchase in their stores. Check Google, Facebook or IG to see what stores you can shop in your area to score some great finds. Thrifting or thrift shopping is totally OK, AND smart!

3. Amazon shopping- Amazon has become my new fav go to for shopping. I get great use out of my Prime 2-day shipping. They also have Amazon shopping- which comes along with your prime membership. You can order clothes, try them for 7 days, return the ones you don't like, and they will just charge you for whatever items you choose to keep! I haven't tried this yet, but I plan on doing it in the near future, I've heard great things and reviews about it. Amazon has fashion digs from

$10-100, offering something nice and fashionable for every budget.

4. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES- I can't stess this enough! Taking care of your items is essential to keeping your clothes looking fresh and new. Dry clean those items that say Dry clean only--dont think you can just throw them in the washer on gentle or cold wash, and expect them to look new when you pull them out. The better you take care of your digs, the fresher and more fashionable you will look. Also don't be afraid of alterations. If you've got a coat that's had the same buttons for years, take them off, change them up, add some newer more colorful buttons or snaps to update that coat! Your area cleaners or tailor can do this for you, or you can DIY it. Adding tassles, buttons or fringe to an item gives it an instant update.

Treat your clothes like your baby, it'll keep you looking great time and time again!

Until next time..stay pretty!

Dress by Target- Inexpensive $20

Boots by Aldo- Expensive $119

Belt at Ross- Inexpensive $8

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