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Daily ways to rest in God

Hello pretty people, Happy Monday to ya!

December is always a busy month, so forgive me with my late post!

With all the shopping, working and still dealing with covid-19 , we can all find ourselves getting weary. I know I have to refresh and re-center myself daily. Sometimes I feel pulled in so many places- family, work and managing an online boutique! Don't get me wrong, I'm eternally grateful that God has placed all these things in my life, but I often have to pull back and find my peace...again and again.

I have to find ways to get back to God so that I'm fully equipped to handle everything I'm tasked with daily and I know you may have those same if not more--concerns. Here are some ways to find rest, so you don't suffer burnout, become resentful or just plain dog tired and want to throw in the towel.

1) Make room in your home for a quiet place to pray to God or meditate on Him and scripture.

I often have to hide away in my bathroom or closet, or my bedroom when everything is quiet and all are sleeping. This is important. Make yourself still, asking God to usher in His presence. Read a favorite scripture, or find one that speaks to what you might have encountered that day.

Someone offended you? Then find a scripture on forgiveness. Feeling sad or lonely, the bible has plenty of verses and chapters about joy. Find one that speaks to you. Or simply pray a simple prayer- the Father knows even what we can't put into words.

2) Make a list of gratitude- This will bring back to remembrance what God has already done and give you hope that He will do even more!

3) Listen to a sermon or watch a video- In this modern technology, you can get some spiritual inspiration in the comfort of your car or home or at work.

4) Sleep meditation bible verses- This is something I've just tried. You can find them on Youtube or even your bible app, great bible verses that you can listen to while you sleep. Its very calming to my spirit and refreshing. We can never get enough of the Word of God. The verses are usually read by someone with a very calming voice, and will lull you right into good rest, while feeding your spirit with the Word. If you prefer to sleep in the quiet, try putting on one during your drive home-- at the very least it may help you with road rage! LOL

5) Be careful of what you use to find rest. Don't seek your rest from the world, or from people. That type of rest usually runs out, is not biblical and can do the very opposite of bringing you peace. Instead spend time with the Father or your family. Take a hot bath, indulge a little in your fav dinner or sweet treat.

I promise if you look not within yourself, but to God, He will give you rest, and even comfort you when you feel like rest cannot be found.

Stay pretty!


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