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5 Ways To Work On Your Inner Beauty

Hey pretty people! It's been a few weeks since I last blogged, but life has had me busy. Anyhoo, let's do some real reflection! With all the images, subliminal messages and suggestions we get from social media, friends and society in general , few of them make us focus on our inner beauty. A lot of emphasis is placed on outer beauty from TV, movies and magazine. We have alot of outwardly pretty people who are a mess on the inside. I'm not exempt, as I often try to check myself with reminders of not forgetting to make sure my mental and spiritual state is just as much if not more put together than what I look like.

Here are 5 ways you also can make sure your pretty inside as well as out:

1. Define Inner Beauty - Are you a kind person, are you friendly or personable? Do you have a welcoming demeanor or do you have an air about you that comes off as stand-offish or unbothered? Remember sometimes you get what you put out.

Re-evaluate your demeanor daily to make sure your not blocking good people or good things. Sometimes we have bad demeanor and may not be aware of how we come off to others.

2. Look in the mirror- practice smiling. This may sound weird but it works. A real smile includes your eyes. A fake smile is more stiff and usually people can spot it a mile away. Smiling makes your whole face light up and attitude change. Just by smiling you look more approachable and friendly, it doesn't cost a thing to smile!

3. Stop envying other people- you ever heard the phrase "Comparison is the thief of all joy"? It really is true. When you envy someone you place more emphasis on the other person and what they have vs. who you are and what you dont have. When in reality, we often dont know all the details of the how, what and why of the other person's life. When you're working hard at your own goals and dreams you don't have time to envy. Get on your own grind and take care of your business!

4. Know your worth- you have abilities and talents. There is not one other person on the planet that has the exact same inspirations or aspirations as you! You are unique. You have value. You can do and be anything you want. Dig deep and find out your true purpose and worth.

In reality there is no monetary worth that can compare to your God-given abilities.

5. Reflect from the inside out- you are much MORE than your hips, breast, legs or butt. You are MORE than a pretty face. Put your inner traits on display instead of your body. Whatever you emphasize more is what you value more! If you want to be taken seriously, then love more, forgive more, mentor more, give more of the inner you instead of the outer you.

Let's all put these ideas into practice, remembering there is a generation that is coming after us.

Stay pretty!

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