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5 accessories every woman should have.

Pretty people! Who's wishing for Fall to finally arrive? I know I am.

In the meantime let's talk about five accessories every woman should have.

1. Black oversize shades- who doesn't love a good shade hunny ?! The bigger the better, and black goes with everything. You'll look stylish without trying hard in a big pair of black shades.

2. Hoop earrings- Hoops are the go-to earring when you want some pizazz but maybe not too much. It's the perfect choice to dress up or down any outfit. There are sooo many styles out there and you can find a cute pair almost anywhere. Check our online boutique to see which kind we currently have in stock!😉

3. Stack bracelets- go for a simple look of gold or silver, or get fancy and wear them with charms, rhinestone or fringe.

4. A chic watch- every woman should have one...unless you prefer to check your phone.

I'd rather a watch. And these days watches come with bells and whistles like a step counter, heart monitor and calendar. So the choices are endless.

5. Wide brim Fedora hat- this hat is probably one of my favs. It's cute with a dress, jeans, heels or sneakers. Choose a straw material for Spring or Summer ,then switch to suede or wool for winter. I absolutely love all 10 of my fedora's...hey don't judge me.

So ladies, do you have one or all of these accessories? If not, go shopping girl!

Stay pretty!

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